In partnership with the Calgary Board of Education, JA Southern Alberta (Junior Achievement) has developed a program designed to prepare high school students interested in pursuing a career in the Trades with the business and entrepreneurial skills they need to be successful. JA’s experience in teaching students about business and entrepreneurship has been transformed to focus on the learner pathway for students in any trades discipline. All activities and assessments are aligned with CTS courses in the BIT cluster; therefore students can earn 5 credits and a JA Certificate through completion of this program.


  • Scott Hillier, President and CEO, JA Canada
  • Gerry Fijal, Director Calgary Board of Education
  • Keith Publicover

We also wish to thank the many stakeholders who contributed to the development of this pilot program:


  • Scott Hiller, CEO, JA Canda
  • Stephen Lippa, VP Education, JA Canada
  • Anila Lee Yuen, Director of Programs, JA of Southern Alberta
  • Gerry Fijal, Director Calgary Board of Education
  • Dick Babbot, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Greg Michaud, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Roz Wick, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
  • Rob Calver, Ironworkers Local 725
  • Paul Salmon, Brookfield Construction



  • Marsha Levy, Project Manager for JA, Results Canada Consulting & Training
  • Ryan Emond, Project Manager for CBE
  • Tiana Fech, B.Ed Curriculum Developer
  • Jill Drader, Subject Matter Expert, Steel Toe Stiletto
  • Cheryl Hamelin, Vice President, JA Canada
  • Melissa From, President & CEO, JA Southern Alberta
  • Shonna White, Coordinator of Marketing and Technology, JA Southern Alberta


  • TBD


  • Avi Amir, Chairman & Owner, Homes By Avi
  • Dave Friesen, Carpenter. Foreman, CANA Construction Ltd
  • Aaron Chute, Plumber. Owner, Automated Flood Alarm Systems 
  • Russell Franks, Welder. Director of Sales, Leder Steel, Signatory Contractor of Ironworkers Local 725
  • April Valentine, Electrician, Dynamic Building Technologies Inc
  • Jill Drader, Tile Setter. Women in Work Boots